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The 6th Annual Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (SBFFC)

Coming to the Carroll Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green, KY on Saturday, August 22, 2015, events starting at 8:30 am central time! 

SBFFC buy in is $200, compete among 120 total teams  (10 drafts of 12 teams each happening at the same time!)

To enter the SBFFC for 2015 to try to defeat the SBFFC champion owners Mike Dauzat & Jeremy Ramos, send an email to:

brian.harwood@twc.com or call Dr. Brian Harwood at (270)-784-0357 today!  

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Posted by Dr. Harwood on February 16, 2015 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Ladies and gentlemen, the nationally acclaimed Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship is proud to declare Mike Dauzat & Jeremy Ramos the 2014 SBFFC World Champion!


Mike and Jeremy came out of the ultra-competitive DraftStreet.com division. Cajun Mafia scored an incredible 568 points from Weeks 14-16 with a grand total of 709.42. They finished first, second and third in points overall for the three weeks. The Cajun Mafia will win $3,275 plus their 2015 SBFFC team will be paid for. Leading the Cajuns to victory were Tony Romo, the HOT running back triple threat of C.J. Anderson, Tre Mason and Jamaal Charles, wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Kelvin Benjamin, along with team MVP Odell Beckham. It seems that Beckham scored about half of the Mafia's total points.


Teams have to catch fire from Weeks 14-16 to win the SBFFC championship, and going into the afternoon games in Week 16, Cajun Mafia took the lead and never looked back!

Here are the top eight championship round scores in the SBFFC:

Cajun Mafia (Jeremy Ramos/Mike Dauzat), 709.42

@643TaylorMade (7) (Brad Taylor), 649.38

Team Thompson (Donald Thompson), 624.13

OVER THE SALARY KAEP (Doug Swinney/Chace Bland), 623.82

Fishman (Joe Walker), 617.83

Bunkster the Great (Bunk Russell), 603.32

K'wow n Multiple Scoregasms (Jason & Kim Britt), 596.05

Cross-Eyed Crickets (Jeff Richardson), 585.62

Here is a little background information on Mike and Jeremy, the Cajun Mafia:

---Jeremy and Mike have been playing fantasy football for a combined 37 years. Mike and Jeremy has won numerous big league and local leagues during their careers. Mike and Jeremy are fierce rivals outside the SBFFC, but they collaborated their experiences and fantasy football intuition into a join effort. The Cajun Mafia have been in the SBFFC for three years.

---The Cajun Mafia was in the online division but really want to come live to the SBFFC in 2015 to be awarded the big trophy and oversized check. Jeremy is more reserved in fantasy football while Mike is more high strung. Mike & Jeremy run a league in Louisiana in which the last place team has to attend the following season's draft in a dress while wearing complete makeup.

Also remember, the SBFFC will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green. Stay tuned for the official time. 

Also be on the lookout for a separate SBFFC Super Satellite event coming up on the weekend of the SBFFC as well. The SBFFC will also be sending out invites to claim your 2015 SBFFC franchise.


Posted by Dr. Harwood on April 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)


The Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship is back in 2015 with the great and loyal support of main corporate sponsor Buffalo Trace Bourbon!  Buffalo Trace Bourbon spokesman and marketing director Kris Comstock and Dr. Harwood met in Frankfort last week to seal the deal!  Buffalo Trace Bourbon and the SBFFC will be bigger and better than ever this season!  Join us on Saturday, August 22 at the WKU Carroll Knicely Conference Center for the 6th annual Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship!


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  • "Awesome time! You put on a great event. Can't wait to come again next year."
    Craig Campbell
    Shiva Blasters
  • "This was my first year playing in this sbffc and I had a blast! I can't wait to come back and draft with everyone again. Thanks! "
    Jason Wiggins
    Temple of BOOM!

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