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"Had a great first season. Looking foward to many great seasons to come. It is the best ran fantasy sport league in the state in my opinion. Looking forward to expanding in the years to come. Looking foward to seeing all the returning owners and the new owners. See you soon!"
Cutco Cutlery Sales

"Awesome time! You put on a great event. Can't wait to come again next year. "
Craig Campbell
Shiva Blasters

"This was my first year playing in this sbffc and I had a blast! I can't wait to come back and draft with everyone again. Thanks!"
Jason Wiggins
Temple of BOOM!

"If you want me to blow it up on the air on 102.5 The Game next year, I bet I can get you a lot of teams."
Darren McFarland
102.5 The Game Radio Host

"It's been the best year I've had in a while and I needed it for upcoming diapers for my new child!" 
Danny Gipson
SBFFC Player

"Thank you again for having me in the SBFFC this year and can't wait for next year. You have a great product for locals and fantasy football. Not sure if you are expanding next year or not but I know of a couple people that would also like to be in the SBFFC next year if you have any open spots. Thanks for for all your help this year." 
Chris Vincent
Philpot Mafia

"I want to thank Brian and Reid for my introduction to the event . This was my first live draft and it was great ! . The WKU dance team and cheerleaders as well as everyone else involved , really made this a special event . I am already looking forward to attending next year ." 
D 'oh Nation
First Timer

"I had a great year playing our beloved sport of Fantasy Football with Brian Harwood and SBFFC. He has taken the game up several notches, to a completely new level. This is fun and super competitive. Forget the basement office drafts with your buddies. This is high-stakes, national level FFL, where I'm drafting right next to guys who have won national championships and several thousands of dollars. It's like going from putt putt with your girlfriend, to playing on the PGA with Tiger. I know without Brian, this couldn't be done. Thanks BH for all the hard work you put into this. You are fair, honest and Fun!" 
Mike Aringer
Team Owner, Huge TD's

"I enjoyed the SBFFC draft and all the events. Top-notch...Great job!"
Jim Collis

"We had an excellent time at the SBFFC, thanks for the efforts of the SBFFC and good luck to all!"
Larry Nelson