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Scoring & Rules

​​Here are the draft day procedures for the SBFFC!​​​​​ 

​Your 12 team league will engage in a process to auction off your draft slot with your $1000 free agent bid dollars.  When you win a draft spot, you can choose any available draft spots from the draft board.  If you win the 1st auction for draft spot, you do not necessarily have to take the first pick.  The draft manager will say "First rights for spot going for X dollars, and so forth."  Remember the SBFFC process for picking players is a DRAFT, not an AUCTION.

Draft spots will be bought for spots 1-12 in $10 minimum bidding increments until $990, when you can bid up to $1000 if need be, with the tiebreakers first going back to the draft spot after the other draft spots are won, and then a coin flip if there is still a tie.

​Draft spots will usually have a beginning opening bid of $100 unless according to the draft manager's discretion, he can start an opening bid at higher or lower than $100 depending on the current pace of the draft spot auction.  When your draft spot is bought the draft will go through a THIRD ROUND REVERSAL (draft order 1-12, 12-1, 12-1, 1-12, 12-1, etc.).  You will have 60 seconds when it is your turn to select your player.   3rd ROUND REVERSAL will allow for the bottom of the draft order to begin Round 3 after also starting Round 2.  It's a way to balance the talent in a 12-team league.

There will be an official draft clock per live draft table to keep the draft moving.  There are no limits as to the number of players drafted at each position for your team.  Each participant has ONE minute (60 seconds) to make a player selection.  The participant will be notified of the time at 45 seconds and again at 60 seconds.  If the participant does not make a selection in the allotted time, the participant is passed over until the next participant makes a player selection.  The passed-over participant then has fifteen seconds to make a player selection before the participant is again passed over.  

There will be a 20 minute break at the end of Round 7 and a 15 minute break at the end of Round 14. 

CONDUCT:  All owners are expected to act professional at all times.  Any disparaging remarks toward other players, the software, the operators, the rules, or the contest is grounds for immediate removal and dismissal from the league.  No refunds will be granted.

ROSTERS/STARTING LINEUP:  Your roster will have a maximum of 20 players.  Your starting lineup will have 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 
2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 Defense/Special Teams.  Your bench can consist of any mixture of players, no roster restrictions.  If you want to carry six kickers, go for it!

NO TRADES ARE ALLOWED between two teams at any time.  This includes divisional teams and non-divisional teams.  Trading between teams of any kind, including but not limited to, draft picks or players, is strictly prohibited.


SCORING SYSTEM:  6 points for all touchdowns, passing, rushing, or receiving
                                           2 points for each two-point conversion
                                           1 point for every 25 yards passing (.04 per yard)
                                          -1 point for every interception thrown
                                           1 point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving (.1 per yard)
                                           1 point per reception for QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs
                                          -1 point for each fumble lost
                                           2 points for every 2-pt conversion, 1 point for point after touchdown (PAT) conversion
                                           3 points for every FG of 30 yards plus .1 point for every yard thereafter
                                           1 point for DEF/ST sack, 2 points for all defensive turnovers
                                           6 points for all DEF/ST touchdowns (kickoff TDs, return TDs, fumble recovery TDs, interception return TDs
                                           2 points for every return after a blocked/failed extra point or failed two-point try (i.e. on an interception or                                                            fumble)
                                           5 points for every safety
                                           20 points for every defensive shutout, 15 points for allowing between 2-6 points, 10 points for allowing between                                                7-13 points
                                           4 points for allowing between 14-20 points, 2 points for allowing between 21-27 points
                                          -2 points for allowing between 28-34 points, -5 points for allowing +35 points
                                           3 points for every blocked field goal, 1 point for every blocked punt

The SBFFC also allows for ACTION SCORING for all TDs, any TD scored by a player is scored as 6 points to that individual player, in addition to any DEF/ST scoring that may apply.

​Scoring will be counted to the hundredth of a point and negative yardage will be counted as a negative score.

Any points scored against a team counts toward their defensive points allowed, whether the scoring came by an offensive, defensive, or a special teams score.

Free Agents (Waiver Wire Blind Bidding Cap & Add/Drop)

You will have blind bidding free agent money during the season for free agent pickups.  For example if you bid $600 on draft spot 12, you will then have $400 in free agent money for the season.  You start with $1000 in free agent money - $$$ you spend your draft spot = free agent money.

Free agent bidding results will take place Wednesday and Friday nights.  If after the bidding results you still need a free agent, free agents are first come first serve starting on Saturday for Week 2 of the NFL season at noon central time until Sunday morning first game time.  Each free agent that is not bid on will not cost anything against your free agent bid cap, it would simply be a free agent.  There will be two free agent bidding periods taking place with the first round of free agent bidding starting on Wednesday night, September 4, along with Friday night, September 6. 

For the first week of the NFL season, there will be no free agent first come, first serve period on the Saturday before the Sunday games.  Released players are available at the first free agent period of the next week.  A maximum of 10 players can be awarded via waiver wire but simple free agents after the free agent acquisition period are unlimited.  Players released during a week will become protected and cannot be picked up until the next week's free agent bidding process.

You can still make free agent bids and free agent add/drops provided your team is still in the championship round playoffs.

On occasion, the SBFFC commissioners may remove a dropped player from the free agent pool if the commissioners think it is in the interest of upholding the integrity of the division or the entire SBFFC contest.

SBFFC Regular Season plus Weeks 12-16 Playoff Schedule

The schedule of games that each owner will play in the SBFFC will go as follows:

Weeks 1-11:  Each team plays each team once during regular season in their individual league.
Week 12:  The four seeds that will make the divisional playoffs are:
1. Best regular season record at end of week 11    
2.  Most overall points in the division at end of week 11.  If the most overall points in the division is also the best regular season record, the 2nd seed will be the 2nd best regular season record at the end of Week 11.
3.  Next best regular season record   
4. Next best regular season record
If a team in the division has both the best record & the most points in the division at end of Week 11, he can pick the team he wants to play in Week 12.  Then the other two divisional playoff teams will play.  If not, then seed 1 plays seed 4 in 1st round, seed 2 plays seed 3 in Week 12.
Week 13:  WEEK 12 winners play for the SBFFC Divisional Championship
Any tiebreakers:  Will result in total points scored in regular season over the 11 week regular season versus the other team, or other teams in tiebreaker (if there are three or more teams, it still goes to total points among all tied teams).  If there is still a tie in record after all total points tiebreakers are used, head-to-head record against all tied teams will be used for the next tiebreaker)
Week 12-16:  Consolation Bracket & Toilet Bowl Bracket Playoffs (total points scored) for teams not making the Championship Bracket
Week 14-16:  SBFFC Championship Bracket--Most points scored will be the 10th Annual SBFFC World Champion!  A new twist for 2019, the average Weeks 1-13 score of your team will be added to your championship total.  For example if you have 1300 total points scored over 13 weeks, you will start at 100 points in the championship bracket.  
Due to the expansion of the SBFFC to 15 leagues the Championship Bracket will be a total points scored bracket for all 60 teams involved in the championship, not a head-to-head tournament.  The Championship Bracket may have more than 60 teams if any team that ties with the best record in their league during the regular season and does not qualify as one of the four automatic entries for the divisional round playoffs.