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Owner and Founder of the SBFFC:  

Dr. Brian Harwood

Hobbies & Interests:  ​My number one hobby is fantasy football and I play every format possible.  I have been named the "doctor of fantasy football" by friends and colleagues.  I am a Tennessee Titans season ticket holder through the good and bad times.  I am also an avid golfer and traveler.  I like to play golf every chance I get and enjoy traveling frequently to cities such as Lexington, KY, Nashville, TN, Las Vegas, NV and Louisville, KY.

Personal:  I am 41 years old and live in Bowling Green, KY.  I am a special education teacher in Kentucky.

About Us

How the SBFFC started:  My best friends Jeff Richardson and Jonathan Patterson and I went to a live fantasy football event in Louisville, KY in 2009 with over 100 owners playing.  After the event we brainstormed and got the idea to create the best and largest fantasy football live event south of the Ohio River.  

After brainstorming I consulted with two other best friends of mine, Matt Krantz and Luke Keith, regarding SBFFC structure, payouts and layouts, the SBFFC came out of the fantasy football womb swinging and kicking!  The first SBFFC live event took place in 2010 with 48 teams with a gradual growth to have 180 teams in 2019.  More teams to sign up in 2019!

At the SBFFC:  I wear many hats at the SBFFC, including the roles of commissioner, customer relations, live event planning and execution, registration, post-season prize processing through and overall day-to-day operations of the SBFFC.

​Fantasy Football:  I have played and served as commissioner of over 100 fantasy football leagues since 1995.  My work with fantasy football has evolved from typed mailed newsletters and using USA TODAY for stats to the current DataForce fantasy football and CBS Sports fantasy football websites.  I have played high stakes fantasy football since 2001, and have played high stakes fantasy leagues in Las Vegas since 2012, winning over $35,000 in four seasons in Las Vegas.